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The Sound Dispel (dis-pel): Darkwave and Sacred Neo-Classical music comprised of Dark Electronic melodies, vocal hooks praising spiritual quests, driving beats and oscillating keyboards. The sound of Dispel seeks to create a musical narrative praising historic lore, mythology and mysticism. The History From humble beginnings drumming around the campfire as a child, to years of […]

MUSIC VIDEO premier and a Free Single download!

Cara the Siren

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    FANS ONLY LINKS: The Music Video to ‘ Modal Consequence’ HERE Free Download of our 1st Single, “Modal Consequence” HERE BIG NEWS! Our 1st full lenght LP ‘LORE’ will be offically released January 10th 2020! We are offering our fans Pre-orders and access to a few snippets of the songs HERE – ‘LORE’ […]

‘Modal Consequence’ the Video

Dispel Consequence Music Video

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Goth Jen the Sorcerous & Ravensea   Welcome back Tribe! We’re very excited to share our new Music video with you. We thought it would be fitting to offer a little background to Video, the concept and vision. Behind the scenes material if you will, and this may get a little deep…. So the Album […]

The Real Secret Behind Music and how we discovered Pennsic War. Wait, what is Pennsic War….?

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13th century medieval siege in France. From the Maciejowski Bible c.1240 CE.(Pierpont Morgan Library). So there is a secret behind music. It is why music transcends language and cultural barriers. This secret is a revelation, so pure, simple and true. Fortunately my vocalist, who happens to also be a Clinical Music Therapist, was the Muse […]

The ‘Hero’s Journey’ beckons us all, yet few heed the Call…

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Illustration by Scott (Wizardfool) Stearns. Ever have times in your life, perhaps fleeting moments that seem to leave a lasting impression? It seems when we focus a little more on what really inspires us, which is not an easy task; fighting against the endless distractions of modern existence; like swimming through a pool of illusion. […]