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Ravensea - photo by Rafeeq Roberts

Ravensea – photo by Rafeeq Roberts


  1. The Music Video to ‘ Modal Consequence’ HERE
  2. Free Download of our 1st Single, “Modal Consequence” HERE
  3. Free E.P. The Goddess – Just enter your email HERE
  4. ‘LORE’ Album Preview – ‘Lore” LP song previews HERE


Our 1st full lenght LP ‘LORE’ has been offically released! Preview the Album HERE – ‘LORE’ LP Preview

‘Lore’ is based on the different stages of the Hero’s Journey (Made popular by Author Joseph Campbell in “The Power of Myth” & “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”).

Musings about the music:

When we started this Music Journey, or perhaps Quest is a more appropriate term; We felt there had to be others that would resonate to what we were doing.  And after recently finishing the Music Video for “Modal Consequence,” we really had to take a moment to reflect…To actually see something materialize, is humbling and kinda surreal. I cannot even express the gratitude I have for those of you who have come on board and joined this musical Quest. So I offer a humble and most honorable THANK YOU!


Dispel by Dante Alighieri

Scott Dispel and Ravensea in front of Dante (Inferno) Alighieri statue – Photo by Rafeeq Roberts

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