MUSIC VIDEO premier and a Free Song download!

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Cara the Siren

Ravensea creating the Magic….




  1. The Music Video to ‘ Modal Consequence’ HERE
  2. Free Download of our 1st Single, “Modal Consequence” HERE


Our 1st full lenght LP ‘LORE’ will be offically released January 10th 2020! We are offering our fans Pre-orders and access to a few snippets of the songs HERE – ‘LORE’ LP Pre-orders

‘Lore’ is based on the different stages of the Hero’s Journey (Made popular by Author Joseph Campbell in “The Power of Myth” & “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”).

Musings about the music:

When we started this Music Journey, or perhaps Quest is a more appropriate term; We felt there had to be others that would resonate to what we were doing.  And after recently finishing the Music Video for “Modal Consequence,” we really had to take a moment to reflect…To actually see something materialize, that you’ve literally put everything you have into, is humbling and kinda surreal. I cannot even express the gratitude I have for those of you who have come on board and joined this musical Quest. So I offer a humble and most honorable THANK YOU!


Dispel by Dante Alighieri

Photo by Rafeeq Roberts

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