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“Who of us all wouldn’t be amazed by a brand new band which plays old-school goth rock, while evoking classical darkness with an authentic taste of medievalism. Everything here speaks perfection and commitment on this great new record!” – Mike Dimitriou

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Art by Scott “Wizardfool” Stearns


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“Quest forth and discover a place where Honor and Courage are the mark of the Warrior. A realm where Wizards & Witches pour over forbidden tomes, while Priests recite chants in hallowed halls…” Beckilyn Doland

Dispel’s music is inspired by an obsession with fantasy gaming, mythology, mysticism; in particular the Hero’s journey archetype, a quest that has been venerated since Mankind’s early beginnings. The songs on ‘Lore,’ represent the different stages of the Hero’s journey.

“We intuitively felt there was an audience that would resonate to such Medieval themes, our hope is to inspire our fans, to attack their destinies.”

Featuring: Ravensea

Ravensea – Vocals (Berklee School of Music) Photo by Novus ‘Lucian’ Obscurum

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