Photo by Novus Obscurum

Photo by Novus Obscurum

The Sound

Dispel (dis-pel): Darkwave, Fantasy Inspired Goth, Electro Goth.

Through dark electronic melodies, vocal hooks, driving beats and oscillating keyboards, Dispel seeks to create a musical narrative praising spiritual quests (the Hero’s Journey), Medieval lore, mythology and mysticism.

The History

From humble beginnings drumming around the campfire as a child. It began with supportive parents, who encouraged an appreciation of music through a midwest working class ethic and a vintage record player. The Child soon turned teenager, while playing drums in High School Marching Band, there became an obsession with the early metal and punk scenes. When underground music had a message, ‘Attack your destiny. ’ It’s then that paying the dues really started; by smashing out beats behind the 90’s hardcore punk band “Face Value.” A relentless practice schedule ensued, gear was hauled, road miles travelled and endless van breakdowns followed.

By a chance of fate, during a European tour a seed was planted in an underground Goth/Industrial Club in Berlin. Exposed to a new sound, a different culture, this atmosphere made a lasting impression.

Though the raw truth of the punk scene remained, it was clear that electronic music was the next chapter and it would require a fresh approach. After completing a degree in music and a recording studio internship, the commitment to the art of music was solidified.

Fast forward to the present, feeling the local underground scene was lacking and inspired by an obsession with Fantasy gaming and Medieval histroy, the foundation was set. It was then that fate again intervened, in the form of a Berklee Vocal performance/Music therapy major, Ravensea. She offered a voice and an insight to the secret of why music transcends language and cultural barriers.

The Inspiration

Obsessed with Fantasy gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, Medieval history and Gothic culture, Dispel’s goal was to glorify these themes through the setting of music. On their premier album ‘LORE’ they wrote about the different stages of the hero’s journey, an archetype that has been venerated since Mankind’s early beginnings.

“Creating a concept album about the venerated ‘Hero’s Journey,’ became our personal quest, may it aid you in yours. We intuitively felt there was an audience that would resonate to such Medieval themes and our hope is to inspire our fans, to ‘Attack their destinys” “Lore” was inspired by ‘Infelix ego,’ a Latin meditation composed by Girolamo Savonarola, before he was burned at the Stake. The songs on “Lore” represent the challenges and self-realization stages of the quest and reinforce the congruent nature of the enduring Soul.

Information on the collaborators and performers

Scott Dispel – Drummer & Founder: Studied music at Cleveland State University, a studio engineer from Lava Room Recording Studios and a nightclub Dj. Founder and drummer for the 90’s HC band ‘Face Value,’ Touring drummer for Witchhouse artist ‘Textbeak.’ Voted Dj of the year in 2005 by ‘Scene Magazine,’ Scott hosts a Goth night in Cleveland and a radio show on Hexx9.com, both Called ‘Dance Macabre.’

Ravensea – Vocalist: completed a double major from Berklee College of Music Boston, in Vocal performance and Music Therapy and is currently completing her Masters in Clinical Music Therapy in South Africa. When not performing with Dispel, Ravensea is an accomplished Music Therapist, providing music therapy to underserved communities in Africa and Central America.

Sean Gallows – Vocals: Local Goth legend, Magic the Gathering wizard and Hexx9 recording artist for Black Gallows and Silence Embrace. Sean brings a huge variety of influences and styles to his endeavours and Magic decks.

Ze Plvgues Thorn– Remix Artist: is the Hexx9 & Blvsphemy recording artist better know as Plvgues. A prolific composer and producer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Plvgues is considered a Witch House prodigy by those in the genre and is an all around awesome dude!

Mike Textbeak – Producer: Cleopatra recording artist Textbeak is one of the early Dj/Producers from the Witchhouse scene. An expert in underground music, he hosts the weekly show ‘CXB7’ on Hexx9.com and has worked with an impressive line-up including John Fryer, Mark Stewart, Bestial Mouths, Peter Hope, Cyanotic, Vaselyne, and Searmanas, to name a few…

Sean (Destruct) Morrissey – Guitars & Bass: Axe virtuoso, appears courtesy of the Metal band ‘Soniq Armada.’

Jae Jones – Bass: Cleveland Goth Icon and cult of personality, also appears courtesy of the Metal band ‘Soniq Armada.’

Leigh Rockey – Destriuctive Remix artist -Live and Studio Engineer. Leigh is an expert in underground Goth and Industrial genres. Special thanks for her help with the studio engineering and input.

Martin Bowes – Mastering: @ Cage Studios U.K. – Recording artist Attrition, formed in Coventry, England in 1980 by Martin Bowes and Julia Niblock. Attrition have been a stanchion of darkwave and industrial music, influencing many younger bands in the genres while continuously fine tuning their own distinctive sound. We are honored to be working with this iconic musician and studio master.