Dispel’s premier release. A conceptual album based the on the ‘Hero’s Journey.’ An archetype based narrative on mythology and lore.  Follow Dispel past the threshold into the unknown, dive deep into the abyss and emerge transformed and atoned. Become the wise and discerning hero, or heroine; you were destined to be!

The Hero’s Journey awaits…

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Art by Scott ‘Wizard fool’ Stearns



 On Dispel’s 2nd album they venture into the underworld! Based on Dante’s literary masterpiece. This conceptual album features a song for each level of mortal sin in the underworld. Dispel spiced things up by adding additional mythological and diabolic personalities from historic lore. Featuring the hauntingly beautiful voice of your tour guide, the siren Ravensea.

“Abandon all hope ye who enter here”

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Art by Klaudia Bezak


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