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YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for your order of ‘Lore.’ We are honored that you have taken the time to support our music. Creating this album was truly part of our journey, may it inspire you on yours!

As our way of saying THANK YOU for your support, we wanted to give you a chance to get a special “FANS ONLY” Demos & Remix bundle, which contains a collection of Unrealeased Tracks, Original Demos and Exclusive Remixes. While this website exclusive is normally priced at $9.95, you can access EVERYTHING here for just 4.97$. That’s another Ablums worth of material for HALF OFF the normal price! It’s the least we can do to say THANK YOU for ordering ‘Lore.’

HOWEVER, do keep in mind this special Demos & Remix bundle will only be available at the 50% OFF here.


  1. TEXTBEAK Remix of ‘Modal Consequence’ ONLY available here.
  2. PLVGUES Witch House remix of  ‘Gift of the Goddess.’ ONLY available here.
  3. DESTRUCTIVE Remix of ‘Modal Consequence’ ONLY avialalble here
  4. Music Video version of ‘Temptation.’ (Not the Album version).
  5. Unreleased demo version of ‘Spiritual Warrior.’ Different beat and tempo.
  6. Unreleased demo version of ‘Modal Consequence,’ Different mix and chorus.
  7. Unreleased demo version of ‘Abyssal Hammer.’ Sean’s Vocal version.
  8. Unreleased demo version of ‘Hero’s Revelation.’ Pre-Textbeak Production mix.
  9. Unreleased Original Extended version of ‘Atonement (Adagio in Bb),’ A full 6 minutes long!
  10. Unreleased demo version of ‘The Depth of Transformation.’ Raw Mix.
  11. Unreleased instrumental version of “the Call”


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