“Quest Forth for Majestic Vocals & Dark Grooves, with an authentic taste of medievalism!”

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Photo by Novus Obscurum

Photo by Lucian Novus Obscurum

“With powerful and strong female vox, this delivery is most convincing and makes you feel to the core.” Noise Journal

“Their dark music makes the hairs on your arms stand straight up by means of vocal decoration. A nice debut, where we hear a band with enormous potential.” Erik Vandamme – Musiczine.net

“The song is awash in rich textures and dark grooves, it’s a marvel in its artistic commitment. It took me back to when such musical tribes were releasing monumental records…” Mike Dimitriou – Stereo Embers Magazine


Dispel (dis-pel) – Offering up a musical narrative praising spiritual quests, historic lore, mythology and mysticism, with heavy dark melodies, vocal hooks, driving beats and oscillating keyboards. Their personal quest was to create a concept album venerating the ‘Hero’s Journey,’ may it inspire your journey, or aid in your next gaming adventure!

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