“Join a musical adventure into Dante’s Inferno! On Dispel’s New album”

Dante’s Inferno, brought to life as a musical Saga

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Art by Klaudia Bezak & Barry Gelderblom

 “We hear a band with enormous potential to break through” Erik Vandamme – Musiczine.net
“The heaviness of the music is balanced by the pure beauty of the voice of Ravensea.” Phil King – AudioFuzz
“Otherworldly & dangerous, populated by mystical beasts, magic, and mystery. And I for one like it. I like it a lot” Dave Franklin -The Big Takeover

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Order the “INFERNO”LP NOW and recieve the “Past the Gates” EP FREE!

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Art by Barry Gelderblom

The ‘PAST The GATES’ EP is the Prequel to the INFERNO LP and Features song versions NOT on the INFERNO LP!

  1. Journey into Limbo (Darkwave Mix) – 4:39
  2. Rings of Violence (Acoustic) – 3:53
  3.  Glasya’s Heresy (Darkwave mix) – 5:38
  4. Charon’s toll (Feat. Leo Kemenani) – 4:12

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“Dante’s Inferno a masterpiece, now brought to life as a musical Saga!”

Dispel transcends their musical brand of story telling on “Inferno!” An immersive conceptual album experience, with a song for each level of mortal sin. Featuring the hauntingly beautiful voice of Ravensea, as your tour guide; follow in the footsteps of Dante and Virgil into every layer of the 9 Hells. Featuring lyrics from Dante’s literary masterpiece, sprinkled in with diabolic personalities from mythology and ancient lore, like an epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure! This album took two and a half years to complete.
Dispel [ dih-spel ] – Gothic Fantasy Rock, Darkwave, Gothic Metal: Hailing from the Rock Hall city of Cleveland, Inspired by spiritual quests, historic lore, mythology and mysticism. Through fantasy driven lyrics, dark melodies and driving beats; Dispel seeks to create a musical narrative into the realm of fantasy. Join Dispel on a quest to inspire and fascinate.

Bring the Fantasy world to life!

“Inferno” Digital Download $9.99

“Inferno” CD + Digital Download $15.95 + shipping


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