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As our way of saying THANK YOU for your support, we wanted to give you a chance to get the special “Pass the Gates” EP. This EP is the Prequel to the “INFERNO” LP and contains a collection of unique song versions not on the ‘INFERNO” Album. This website exclusive is now available here for only $3.99!

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Do Keep in mind this special Prequel EP, is only available here as our way of saying thank you for your purchase of the “INFERNO” LP.


  1. Journey into Limbo (Darkwave mix) – Dispel
  2. Rings of Violence (Acoustic) – Dispel
  3. Glasya’s Heresy (Darkwave mix) – Dispel
  4. Charon’s Toll (feat. Leo Kemenani)- Dispel

Art by Barry Gelderblom

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