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Dark Electro-Goth Collective Dispel Release “Inferno” LP

“INFERNO” Album is now Available!!!

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The Music Critics agree:  “We hear a band with enormous potential to break through” Erik Vandamme – “The heaviness of the music is balanced by the pure beauty of the voice of Ravensea.” Phil King – AudioFuzz “Otherworldly & dangerous, populated by mystical beasts, magic, mayhem and mystery. And I for one like it. […]

“Flames of Greed” New Music Video!

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Directed by Rafeeq Roberts “Now bend the knee, to the Empress of greed!”   Our newest music video! “Flames of Greed”, directed and edited by Rafeeq Roberts. This video was the result of an enormous amount of help from other Cleveland luminaries, who gave of their time and talents to help make this vision a […]

‘Past the Gates’ EP

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  “A harpsicord faintly resonates from a distant balcony. The Plague Doctor utters a final blessing, as the adventuring band travels onward into the scrublands; leaving the familiar comforts of the ‘Purple Wyvern Inn’, it’s pungent ale and warm hearth behind. In spite of the careful planning, supplies and well-oiled blades; there is an uncertainty […]

Dante’s Inferno


Journey with us into Dante’s Inferno! The story behind our “Past the Gates EP” & “INFERNO” Album. Click here to Order!   Greetings friend, guessing you’ve heard of Dante’s Inferno? It’s a Masterpiece, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest works of world literature. It was written between 1308-1320 by ‘the supreme […]

D&D and RPG gaming spawned Dispel…

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  Greetings music fanatics and gamers, During the recording of our 2nd album “Inferno”, Inspired by Dante Alighieri (The Supreme Poet 1265–1321). I had a moment to reflect on how we got here. Assuming you’ve seen one of our Music Videos and how important medieval fantasy & gothic imagery is to our music. The whole […]