“Flames of Greed” New Music Video!

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Directed by Rafeeq Roberts

“Now bend the knee, to the Empress of greed!”


Our newest music video! “Flames of Greed”, directed and edited by Rafeeq Roberts. This video was the result of an enormous amount of help from other Cleveland luminaries, who gave of their time and talents to help make this vision a reality!

Photo by Rafeeq Roberts

So let’s dive in! ‘Flames of Greed,’ is the seventh song on our “INFERNO” album. Based on Dante’s Inferno, a masterpiece of World literature. In Dante’s Inferno the seventh mortal sin and level of Hell is for those who succumb to excessive Greed during life and who’s Souls then suffer those consequences in the afterlife. Because we’re gaming nerds we took the huburis of adding a ‘Boss Monster’ to this level of mortal sin, in the form of ‘Fierna, the Queen of Greed’ from Dungeons & Dragons lore! Played by our lead singer Ravensea, with her hauntingly beautiful voice, she encompasses the role all to well.

Photo by Rafeeq Roberts


Directed and Edited by Rafeeq Roberts

Ravensea – Fierna ‘Queen of Greed”

Levie Mckenzie – the Knight, Wardrobe, Fight choreography

Goth Jen Brunfel – Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe, Feirna’s consort

Colt Mire – Fiend in Red armor, Weapons

Robin O’Malley – Beatrice (Fierna’s captive)

Aaron Brunfel – Feirna’s consort

Scott Dispel – Plague Dr.

Thanks to Robin Harris, Wonder Bar E.4th st.

photo by Barry Gelderblom

 “All the gold, under the Moon, could not give you rest…”

Photo by Rafeeq Roberts


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