Honoring my Heroic Sister!

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Phoenix by Beckilyn Doland

Phoenix Painted by Beckilyn Doland


Greetings all, I hope your Journey is progressing well! At the risk of getting too personal I wanted to share a song and some great memories of my Sister Beckilyn. You see she was a true Heroine and had the heart and courage of a Phoenix!

Usually the Big Brother is supposed to influence the younger sibling, however in this case my Sister was so unique and dynamic, She influenced me! And ultimately put me on the path to creating Dispel.

My hope is that by sharing this story and the fantasty song narrative we created toghether, we can help others who have lost loved ones. It’s tough for sure, and I’m not sure I’m doing this right, but to heal sometimes you have to face loss, to confront what’s bottled up inside. Release it, so you can grow and progress. Plus the song we wrote is pretty cool and full of atmosphere! So bare with me, and I really look forward to your comments, stories, memories and insights below…

So my sister battled Kidney Disease for 36 years with the Strength and Courage of a Warrior, while preserving the wonder and magic of life, like a Soceress. The battle was real and there were good days and bad. Weeks in a hospital, then to rebound with a crazy fun weekend at an anime convention, in full cosplay! She was a poet, a painter, a seamstress and a voice actress, You’ll soon hear what I mean. But ultimately she was a true person of Character. And I’m glad to have had her in my life, in fact it was the one song we did together, that planted the seed for Dispel. So here’s the song, it’s all about heroic fantasy, and would serve as a great intro for a gaming session!

“Gaming Narrative” – feat Beckilyn Doland

You might be able to hear how this song was the very early beginnings of Dispel, before I had the name, the logo, or the full concept for the band. My Sister was the muse that started that creative conversation. How can one express Heroic Fantasy in music? Would there be others that would resonate to the message? The Vision took a few years to gel. I would write down ideas on a dry erase board and looked for clues to bridge them into a cohesive concept. Looking back, it turns out the song Becki and I did together, contained the core essence, that beacon, it was my Holy Grail!

So I honor my Sister, such an amazing an influential soul that was in my life. I find solace in believing the souls that cross our path, do so for a reason. Not sure why she had such a hard road to travel. For damn sure it taught me to appreciate what I have. So for those out there that are on a difficult road, have experienced struggles, loss or sadness; I wish I had the words of wisdom to help, some insight of healing to share, unfortunately, the best I can offer is my acknowledgement that it’s Real, and my hope to find Your courage to endure…

Scott ‘Dispel’ Doland

Please share your feedback, insights, stories, lessons and memories below. I would hope that others could benefit from reading and sharing their stories, insights and comments : )


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