The Story behind the new “LORE” album…

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Art by Scott "Wizardfool" Stearns

Art by Scott “Wizardfool” Stearns













Some reflections…

We’ve been getting such good feedback from you guys on our singles and Music videos, we thought we’d share the back story behind the “Lore” Album. This album would not have been possible without the help of friends, my talanted band mates, our new fans and some synchronicities provided by the Universe, You see, I do not believe in coincidence~

Truth be told, we are beyond excited to finally be able to share our full album! So much work went into making this album a reality. In fact, 785 Studio hours, which is beyond ridiculous! It’s crazy to reflect, this is actually my 6th studio album, however this is number one for Dispel, which I consider a culmination of all the previous album styles from Metal, Hardcore Punk, Goth, Industrial, experimental, and electronic. A little bit of all of that went into “Lore”.

I’m just amazed at the music technology that has made this album possible. I often wonder what if Beethoven, Mozart, or my personal favorite, J.S Bach would have access to the music technology of today?! On the flip side, having access to a full orchestra as a patron of a monarch, seems to have had it’s advantages. Now we’re in the 21st Century and the internet offers so much, as long as you can hold someone’s attention.

Let’s see, I had half of the songs for “Lore” written and then hit a creative and motivational wall. It was at this time a few fortunate opportunities crossed my path, I was offered the touring drummer slot for ‘Textbeak’ on the release of his new album on Cleopatra records, which not only got my drum chops back up to speed, but fortunately immersed me in the underground music scene. Most importantly in New York and Chicago/Milwaukee. After the tour ended and I was going through the dreaded post-tour depression stage, combined with a disappointing Break-up,  I caught a lecture by Dr. Jordan Peterson, in which he stressed how important following through with goals and discovering your purpose was.

So now I was primed to get this album finished. I began searching for musicians in the local Cleveland scene to work with, I explored every resource, but the local scene is dominated by radio style Nu-Metal, which was not part of the equation I was looking for. Frustrated, I stepped back and concentrated on the Imagery that would accompany the music. That’s when the musicians I needed found me. Funny how that works.

Ravensea and I met at a Drum Circle at a gorgeous Cathedral and Sean contacted me out of the blue about doing some vocals. I met a cool Metal band with a Goth Bass player called ‘Sonic Armada’ and they offered to cut some guitar tracks. And within 3 months, all the studio tracks were done, boom.

“Lore” is a conceptual album with the songs representing the various stages of the Hero/Heroine’s Journey, in order. It was my Hero’s Journey, to take these abstract ideas and turn them into a physical reality. The whole point being, if YOU put the WORK, time and dedication into something and believe it’s worth it, though it may take years; it IS worth it. At many points along the Journey I didn’t have the skill set to proceed, so I practiced more. At times I didn’t have anyone to share these ideas with, so I had to trust my intuition. At times I didn’t know what steps to take next, so I set my intention and waited for the answers, they came. Music is esoteric and mystical and it’s scary to bare what’s inside your Soul, without any guarantees that others will even like what you’ve created. So here we stand at the precipice…

The only thing I can trust, is that if I did not finish this album I would be haunted by regret. And that was a Path I knew to avoid at all costs. I’ve been fortunate to have compiled and amazing support cast, from my producer Textbeak, Martin ‘Attrition’ Bowes to provide the mastering and of course, Ravensea and Sean to round out the line-up.

It’s been a Hell of a Journey since playing drums in High school Marching band. I can only hope this album resonates with you and aids in your Heros’/Heroines’ Journey. Attack your Destiny!


Photo by Novus Obscurum

Photo by Novus Obscurum





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