“TEMPTATION” our 2nd Music video

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House of Wills

House of Wills -Opera Room


The Crew

Rafeeq (the director), Ravensea & Levie

We are beyond excited to announce our 2nd Music Video “Temptation”!

So this is the 7th song on the “Lore’ Album and represents the ‘Last Trial’ stage of the Hero’s Journey.

The Video features a return of our Crusading Knight ‘Levie.’ He has quested and gained the ‘Sword of Knowledge’ in our 1st music video ‘Modal Consequence’  and he must now be tested, to prove worthy of this new power and strength. Is he a true Hero? Or will his new found power corrupt and tempt him to become a tyrant, as is so common among rulers and anti-heroes. Too many leaders throughout history have succumbed to the temptation to abuse their power, often to the detriment of their subjects. In fact, the 20th century was rife with despots. However, collectively we continue to endure and strive for far better….

So how can we test our knight’s Worth? We though, who would be better to tempt our Hero than a Brood of Vampires! And it get’s even better, the Venue where we filmed, The historic ‘House of Wills.’ Was once a German Opera House, A Masonic Temple, and even a Funeral home! What an amazing place to express our art and music…such an honor.


CLICK HERE to Watch the Music Video: “Temptation”

Thanks to Eric Freeman, the Owner and Jessica Oktober, the Curator of The Historic ‘House of Wills’.


Amasa Stone Temple

The House of Wills

Morgan & Levie


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