The ‘Hero’s Journey’ beckons us all, yet few heed the Call…

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Illustration by Scott (Wizardfool) Stearns.

Ever have times in your life, perhaps fleeting moments that seem to leave a lasting impression? It seems when we focus on what really inspires us, which is not an easy task; against endless distractions, like a pool of illusion. However, when we do muster our inner strength, patience, courage, or virtue and we finally heed that inner voice, interesting things take shape; that’s if you notice them…

I often wonder where do these inner drives and longings come from, perhaps it’s a voice from the past, our distant past? Here we are in the 21st century, but the only things that resonate with me are the legends, lore and imagery of the Ancient, Medieval and Gothic ages. Can you relate? Having always heard the beat of a different drummer, quite literally; I knew I had to find a way to really connect, or perhaps contribute to this longing. But how? Maybe through music…

As a youngster I was extremely fortunate to get drum lessons (thank you Mom). I knew there was something unique about music, like an alchemist discovering that music is the 6th element; like Ether. I hoped music could be an outlet to reach others like myself, a potential bridge to my lost tribe. But what is the tribe of a pencil thin, socially awkward nerd? Luckily, I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and my imagination blew up! Have you ever been so into gaming, or another hobby; where you are completely absorbed in it!?! I wanted to make this feeling last, it became my personal quest…How could I merge music and that all absorbing feeling of fantasy gaming. I had to figure out how.

I soon discovered the underground hardcore punk and straight edge scenes and began drumming behind a hardcore band called ‘Face Value,’ surrounded by troubled punk youth, we were all looking to connect to some lost tribe. Because of a fortuntely recieved 1st album, Face Value ending up touring Europe. Immersed in historic European culture and awe inspiring architecture, I was a 24 year old who was beyond appreciative. Or, maybe it was just that first taste of Jägermeister In Germany!  But the most lasting impression was in an atmospheric Goth club, where I discovered a clue towards my quest, this new style of music (Goth), really left an impression, more than I could know at the time…

So in conclusion, this leg of the journey lead to seven years of paying hard dues, a squatter lifestyle, a ridiculous practice schedule, hauling gear, and one final epic van break down, which absorbed my last few remaining dollars. I realized I had become overwhelmed by small details, it obscured the big picture, I left Face Value, and failed in The Quest.

The next few decades were about rebuiliding, a degree in music, a recording studio internship and scraping out a living as a Dj.  But the whole time that inner voice remained, it was always whispering, sometimes talking, and finally screaming, The Quest! I could no longer refuse the call. It was time to write my own music. Why not write about the Journey, ‘The Hero’s Journey!’ Finally, after 2 decades, I resumed The Quest…

I think there’s a part inside all of us that is vulnerable, perhaps that’s the reason we refuse the call. Whether we take the ‘Hero’s’ Journey’ willingly, or worse; we succumb to regret. We ALL have to face our challenges and make the best out of what we are given. It’s the Responsibilityof every person born to this Earth, a tough hand to be dealt indeed.

What is the purpose, or challenge in front of you? Are you reflecting, struggling, actively cultivating, or engaging towards your personal vision or inner needs? It is in this Spirit that I honor and encourage that hidden strength inside of YOU. My deepest wish is that the music of Dispel may inspire you to take that next step into the unknown, to follow that inner voice. Your personal quest awaits, so embrace it, and ‘Attack your Destiny!’

Please share some of your insights, struggles or triumphs with us in the comments below…!

If you would like to hear a musical preview of the album that was insired by our ‘Hero’s Journey,  Click here to listen to “Lore” The sound track of the Hero’s Journey…




  • Patric Chenaux says:

    Thank you for this interesting testimony. If we summed up in search, that’s normal. To deepen, I prefer in MP. I look forward to discovering your music even better.

  • Dennis l Simpson jr says:

    I liked your song,growing up i dreamt about being a knight,so cool

    • Dispel says:

      Hey Dennis, Thank you. I can so relate, honestly the music video was a dream of mine to contribute in some way to the Heroic Fantasy genre.
      It’s hard to find cool and not cheesy Fantasy/Medieval stuff to watch.

      • daniel payne says:

        That was beautiful, we all have a dream. A vision to follow I have mine of course, and Im trying to stay on the path, by staying true to myself. Good luck I hope you realise your quest. Just remember that music is a powerful, magical, thing and not to be taken lightly.

        • Dispel says:

          Hey Daniel, thanks for the comment! Sounds like you are well on your way.
          Very glad to hear that. Staying true to yourself let’s the Universe know you mean
          buisness. And Yes, music is powerful and glorious…

      • Joe Beer says:

        Are all things as a kid dreams?.
        We dream of so much an yet find it hard to hold our dreams down when we grow older…living a dream is just being happy with what you have.

        This is the dream.


        • Dispel says:

          Hey Joe, Thank you for sharing your insight. Indeed being happy with what you have, can provide some powerful and beneficial gratitude 🙂
          Rock on!

  • Terry Augar says:

    Wow !!! Yes, I love female vocals in Goth/Rock, The video is just amazing!!
    The snippets of the tracks certainly wets the appetite, keep up the Celtic dream…Courageous convictions will drag your dream into existence !!!

    • Dispel says:

      Hey Terry, thank you for the kind words. The Videos are alot of work, but damn it’s so rewarding
      to see the finished result!
      We are so down with how you describe,”Celtic Dreams, and Courageous Convictions”
      YES we understand and agree 100%, Amen Brother!!!

    • alan brown says:

      An interesting story, we all are in search of our own star, sadly some don’t realise this, of slaying dragons and chasing dreams just over the rainbow. Of striving to be better at what you do, not for others but for yourself.

      Keep tilting at windmills.

      • Dispel says:

        Alan, thank you for the reply. Don Quixote certainly approves of your Message : ) Here’s to Windmills that are active and robust, churning great bounty…

  • Paul Warbrick says:

    wise words indeed. i feel a certain connection when i listen to CELTIC/ROCK/FOLK Music.
    i channel my inner dark side by listening to female. goth, etheral, vocal bands & solo artists

    • Dispel says:

      Hey Paul, Thanks for the feedback. We can definitely relate to the music styles you mentioned. Can’t go wrong with anything Celtic or Darker!

  • Richard says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! It is my belief that all of us are on a Hero’s Journey. The difference is those of us that recognize it and wake up to the archetypes and draw power through them to press on. Learn the lessons that are the keys to the next chapter of the story.

    • Dispel says:

      Hey Richard, thank you for your insight! I have to agree 100% with your revelation. It’s so true, but modern society as a whole has lost this important connection to this powerful Archetype! Rock on…

  • We are ecstatic to find you in such a vast web world and want to help others discover your craft.

  • Martin says:

    I too share your passion for gothicism, ancient history and fantasy. I think I’m a true Romantic to my core. But alas, I’ve never found my niche in life, some of us are eternal square pegs in round holes when it comes to employment opportunities in the early twenty first century! But I have been lucky enough to study and indulge my interests in art, literature, archaeology and music my lifetime and have lived through a fascinating period for the arts, been to some great gigs and travelled a bit. As Oscar Wilde says: “We are all in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars.”

    • Dispel says:

      Hey Martin, Wow thanks for sharing! It’s refreshing to know there are others in our displaced tribe out there, doing their best to find their way among all the mainstream homogination, imitation and lack or originality. It surely sounds like you are the right path! As Joseph Campbell famously said “Find your Bliss.”

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